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Align Your Light Trailer at T-R Spring & Align in Prince Albert

Family owned and operated since 1988, T-R Spring & Align has grown over the years into our current shop of more than 10,000 square feet in Prince Albert. Our entire staff is proud of our reputation for precise alignments and suspension repairs. You want your vehicle running straight and safely, and you can depend on T-R Spring & Align to do the job right. Visit us on Hwy 2 South.


  • Replacement & repairs for springs, axles & suspension parts
  • Suspensions from all major manufacturers
  • Re-arch leaf springs
  • Suspension parts
  • Trailer repair
  • Axle straightening
  • Air & spring overloads
  • Align & repair campers & light trailers
  • Computerized laser alignment for 3-axle trucks & semi-trailers
  • Custom build U-bolts
  • Suspension repairs for motor homes & RVs
  • SGI Inspection Station for vehicles 1 tonne and over
  • OEM aftermarket components
  • Supply and repair Leaf spring


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